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Liquor production equipment refers to the equipment used for cooking, saccharification, fermentation and distillation of liquor raw materials. There is no cooking and saccharification in the process of producing high-quality liquor from raw materials (raw materials are saccharified while fermenting), while fermentation containers can be made from simple rubber barrels, ceramic cylinders, wooden barrels and so on. The following is mainly about distillation equipment.
Among many distillation equipments, whether traditional or new, the principle is the same: distillation is the process in which the brewing equipment completes this operation. Distillation is a unit operation of separating liquid mixtures by using different volatility of components (distillation can be divided into evaporation, separation and cooling processes, commonly referred to as distillation).
When liquid mixture or solid fermented grains are heated to boil, the vapor generated contains more volatile components than the original mixture, and the remaining mixture contains more volatile components, so that the components of the original mixture can be partially or completely separated.

How to filter impurities in small-scale brewing equipment
Liquor brewing technology has been handed down for thousands of years in our country. It is an indispensable part of people's life no matter in which dynasty or where. In many areas, due to the spread of wine-making culture, there will be a lot of wine-making workshops, which rely on small-scale brewing equipment as the basis, and continuously produce a variety of fresh liquor every year.
Of course, we know that liquor is mainly brewed with grain, so there will be residues in the process of production. The filtration of these residues will not only affect the quality of liquor, but also affect the taste of liquor, so this step is very important.
The method of filtering impurities in small-scale liquor-making equipment is: using starch (sugar) as raw material, using koji and liquor as saccharifying starter, various liquors are brewed by cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending.



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