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As a leader in the unattended retail industry, the unattended feature of the automatic liquor vending machine is favored by many people. Therefore, we can often see the presence of the machine in public places. Then, what are the key points to know in advance when launching the automatic liquor vending machine?
Point position
Different locations will affect the type of automatic wine vending machine. A good point is like a duck to water for a wine vending machine, and the attribute of a point determines the style of the wine vending machine. Those with high traffic are airports, subways, schools, cinemas, hospitals, etc. at these points, snack machines and flower machines can be placed. In hospitals, toy vending machines can also be placed.
Population characteristics
Before launching the vending machine, we need to know the crowd characteristics of the place in advance, such as white-collar workers, children, the elderly, middle-aged people, which type of people are more common, and the proportion of men and women.
Sell relevant goods according to the attribute characteristics of the place. For example, more dairy products can be placed in primary and secondary schools, more snacks and beverages can be placed in factories, and more nursing supplies can be placed in hospitals.
Select the corresponding machine according to the type of goods sold. For example, if you plan to sell snacks and beverages, you can choose a wine machine. If you plan to sell adult supplies and dolls, you can choose a smart lattice cabinet. If you plan to sell wine, fresh food and fruit, you can choose a lift wine machine.
What are the advantages of having a machine that sells alcohol automatically? If you are a bar, KTV, or even a restaurant, we all know that the profit of liquor is very high. The liquor vending machine sells alcoholic beverages through scene marketing. Users can increase the volume of liquor after drinking. In fact, it indirectly increases the sales of your liquor. This invisible profit is the pain point of the store.
Will the Baijiu sold by the liquor vending machine deteriorate like the self brewing? Fermentation and metamorphism are the same in nature, but the consequences are much worse. The former is beneficial, while the latter is fatal. You are not in this industry. You are not recommended to toss about. After all, human life is vital.
Is the sealing good? It has the functions of high efficiency and energy saving, fast and time saving, less wine loss, computer control, preset timing, automatic odor removal, etc., so that the wine is clean and honest, and the taste is comfortable.
The automatic wine vending machine has stable performance and simple operation. It is suitable for every family who likes drinking. It is concise, simple, fast, time-saving, and has less alcohol loss. There are a lot of points to pay attention to when putting the wine vending machine, and the results will be slightly different according to different regions. For more information, please visit www.qfrtrq Consult www. 68mn!



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