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In fact, when Baijiu is first distilled, it will have turbid, bitter and unpleasant taste, resulting in the taste not round and soft. Therefore, Baijiu needs to be stored for a period of time before drinking. Let's take a look at the storage process and storage reaction of Baijiu in stainless steel wine cans.
Storage process of Baijiu in stainless steel liquor tank
Smell: This is not to teach you to taste wine, but to make sure that the bottle cap is tightened. If you smell alcohol, your bottle cap is not tightened.
Dust removal: gently brush with a small soft brush, wipe with a wet towel, and dry after use. Be careful not to wipe the wine label and pulp.
Sealing: This requires triple protection. Wrap the bottle mouth with a fresh-keeping bag to isolate it; Then wrap it with raw material tape (commonly used for water pipe installation) to achieve the sealing effect; Cover it with beeswax to ensure safety.
Record the weight: weigh the sealed wine and record it on the record card. Weigh again every 1-2 years to determine whether there is "alcohol running" phenomenon.
Placement: the placement is also very particular. The environment, temperature and humidity shall be considered. If it is at home, it is recommended to put it in a cool and dark corner of the room.
Storage reaction of Baijiu in stainless steel liquor tank
Volatilization is the natural volatilization of irritant substances such as sulfide (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan) and aldehydes in the wine. Without these substances, the irritation of wine will be greatly reduced.
Association is to straighten out the arrangement of polar molecules (ethanol molecules, water molecules, etc.), strengthen the binding force of polar molecules and soften the taste of wine.
There are two kinds of changes: physical and chemical. Chemical change is the main factor to change the quality of wine. For example, if alkyd resin produces esters, the total esters will increase, while the acidity and alcohol content will decrease. The obtained ester has ester aroma, which makes the wine more fragrant.
In addition, it should be noted that during storage in the wine storage tank, the suspended impurities in Baijiu will slowly settle over time. Next, the cellar staff will thoroughly filter and isolate the precipitated wine residue and liquor through a series of operating procedures. This step alone is performed at least four times a year. Next year, six beaten egg whites will be added to each wine storage tank to accelerate the re precipitation of wine residue.
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