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Now most of the wine we often drink is brewed by brewing equipment, and there is basically no pure artificial grain brewing. For brewers, it is very important to choose a set of good brewing equipment, which is related to the quality and yield of brewing wine. Automatic stubble cooling machine is a good brewing equipment. Disinfection and sterilization before and after use is very important.
After the automatic stubble cooler is purchased, it must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with clean water in front of the equipment to ensure the basic protection of the brewing process. However, disinfection before installation is not enough. Before using the brewing equipment, we need to do a disinfection operation. This time, steam is used for sterilization. The operation mode is to add water to the boiler to high water level and ignite it. Boilers, drums and coolers are connected by steam pipes. After the water is boiled for about half an hour, close the boiler and the steam sterilization operation is completed.
Observe the water level of the steaming cabinet at any time during steaming. Before steaming, add the water in the steaming cabinet to the high water level, and check whether the water in the water level pipe is lower than the low water level at any time during the distillation process. If the water level is close to the low water level, reduce the fire and add water to the furnace in time.
Prevent the steam cabinet from burning empty without water, and be careless in some cases. The water in the steam cabinet has been burnt out. This time, if there is no water, it will burn out, which will not only cause great damage to the equipment, but also cause a fire, so be careful.
For the stubble cooler, if the cleaning and disinfection are not complete, the residual scale and microbial reproduction on the inner wall of the equipment will weaken the function of the bactericide. Due to static electricity and other factors, various substances in the wine are deposited on the inner surface of the equipment, making the surface of the equipment rough and providing a shelter for the growth of microorganisms. Microbial colonies must be removed during cleaning, because the bactericide is suitable for surface sterilization and has little impact on the bacteria living inside, which is easy to cause secondary pollution.
Therefore, manufacturers need to disinfect and sterilize the equipment from time to time to ensure that the brewed wine is of high quality and free of other impurities, so that the sales volume of brewed wine can be better and our income can continue to increase. If you don't know how to sterilize, you can help us brew better wine through brewing equipment according to the above methods.
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