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Solid wood barrels are often used for wine making and wine storage. Compared with modern brewing technology, using solid wood barrels for brewing will make the wine more pure; We can often see the existence of solid wood wine barrel in various ancient TV dramas. It has a simple feeling, but it is now in use. It is also a good way to make wine in solid wood barrels. Do you know the benefits of using solid wood barrels?
Solid wood wine barrel has many advantages in wine storage and wine storage that modern science cannot give, because the tannin brought by Oak itself is an additive in the brewing process, which can enhance the natural and rich taste of wine and make the color of wine better. Close to amber.
At the same time, solid wood wine barrels can withstand the impact of years. Some good wine barrels can be placed in the cellar for several years or even decades without qualitative change, because the interior of the wine barrel maintains a relatively vacuum environment, and the air can pass through the solid wood wine barrel. The gradual infiltration of pores accelerates the maturation of wine, and qualitative changes often occur after many years.
It can add more complex flavor and aroma to the wine. The new solid wood barrel will directly give the wine oak flavor. The strength of the flavor depends on factors such as oak material and aging time. It helps the wine in the barrel "breathe" slowly to soften the tannins and delicate structure.
Aging wine in solid wood barrels should make the wine obtain balanced and complete sensory quality. Oak aroma is a common aroma in wine stored in wooden barrels. After barrel storage, the wine gradually oxidizes and matures. The price of solid wood barrel is directly related to the quality of its own solid wood barrel. Select oak raw materials, oak structural characteristics, hard, easy to bend and waterproof characteristics, and carry out precision processing. Each solid wood barrel is subject to strict requirements.
The wine can be stored in solid wood barrels, fully combined with the wine, and the wine has oak aroma At the same time, tannin, oak lactone and other substances in oak enter the wine and participate in the balance of aroma and taste of the wine.
To a certain extent, it can adjust the aging characteristics of barrel and the effect of oak on wine. The combination of oak and wine will improve the quality of wine. When matching wine with oak, the quality that should be considered is that the wood should have a round feeling, light and warm color, with a strong and elegant flavor.
It is recommended to use solid wood wine barrels as much as possible during brewing and storage, and this kind of wine barrel is relatively easy to accept in price, which is widely used in various wineries. Or often seen in families that collect red wine. There are also many models of solid wood wine barrels, which can be selected according to various needs. For more information, please visit www.qfrtrq.com Com consulting.



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