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选择一套易于使用的酿酒设备非常重要,它可以使酿造效率更高,出酒率更高。 那么如何才能选择一套好的酿酒设备呢? 接下来就和小编一起来看看吧。
It is very important to choose an easy-to-use brewing equipment, which can make the brewing efficiency higher and the liquor yield higher. So how to choose a good brewing equipment? Next, let's have a look with Xiaobian.
有很多网友会在网上咨询家用酿酒设备的价格,了解不同的酿酒企业,通过价格了解设备的质量,根据图片和参数进行选择,购买价格的设备 . 用户买不到合适的设备,以后用起来还是很麻烦的。
Many netizens will consult the price of household brewing equipment online, understand different brewing companies, understand the quality of equipment through price, choose according to pictures and parameters, and buy the equipment with the lowest price Users can't buy suitable equipment, so it's still troublesome to use in the future.
用户必须对啤酒厂有充分的了解。 很多企业都会有直属工厂,这样生产出来的设备质量就有保障; 对于不懂冲泡的人,购买后酿酒企业会提供冲泡技术培训。 装备没用。
Users must have a full understanding of the brewery. Many companies will have factories directly under them, so that the quality of the equipment produced can be guaranteed; For those who do not understand brewing, the brewing company will provide brewing technology training after purchase. The equipment is useless.
购买酿酒设备时,不要选择看起来花哨的那种。 设计越简单,越耐用。 锅体外应无喷射管障碍物,使空气缓慢,难以清洗。 异味会影响葡萄酒的品质。
When buying brewing equipment, don't choose the one that looks fancy. The simpler the design, the more durable. The outside of the pot shall be free of jet pipe obstacles to make the air slow and difficult to clean. Peculiar smell will affect the quality of wine.
选择酿酒设备的材料。 每个制造商使用不同的原材料。 酿酒设备的材料有很多种。 市场上使用更多的是不锈钢,以及铝和不锈钢。
Select the materials of brewing equipment. Each manufacturer uses different raw materials. There are many kinds of materials for brewing equipment. Stainless steel, aluminum and stainless steel are the most used on the market.
不锈钢冲泡设备化学性能稳定,不产生对人体有害的物质,易清洗,外形美观,使用寿命长,经久耐用,受到众多用户的青睐。 此外,还有一些由陶瓷和水泥材料制成的设备。 材质不同,酒味也不同,根据自己的需要购买。
Stainless steel brewing equipment has stable chemical performance, does not produce substances harmful to human body, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, long service life and durability, which is favored by many users. In addition, there are some equipment made of ceramic and cement materials. The wine tastes different with different materials. You can buy it according to your own needs.
购买冲泡设备时,厂家还会给用户一份冲泡技术指南。 如果用户有自己的冲泡方法,则不需要对本指南做过多的研究。 技术指南让他更多地了解酿酒行业。
When purchasing brewing equipment, the manufacturer will also give users a brewing technical guide. If users have their own brewing methods, there is no need to do too much research on this guide. The technical guide let him know more about the brewing industry.
在选择酿酒设备时,还要充分考虑设备的出酒速度。 如果出酒速度较快,则说明设备的散热性能好。 葡萄酒生产的速度也与企业的经济效益有关。 葡萄酒生产速度越快,企业的经济效益就越好。
When selecting brewing equipment, we should also fully consider the liquor output speed of the equipment. If the wine is produced quickly, it indicates that the heat dissipation performance of the equipment is good. The speed of wine production is also related to the economic benefits of the company. The faster the speed of wine production, the better the economic benefits of the company.
总之,在选择冲泡设备的时候,一定要根据自己的实际情况来选择。 不应盲目关注酿酒设备的价格,而应综合各种因素。 欲了解更多信息,请到大家的网站www.qfrtrq.com 查询。
In short, when choosing brewing equipment, we must choose according to our actual situation. We should not pay blind attention to the price of brewing equipment, but integrate various factors. For more information, please visit our website at www.qfrtrq.com Com query.



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