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The automatic stubble cooler can automatically add water, automatically lower the curve, automatically discharge, mix evenly, quickly cool down, and automatically complete the cooling, pollution-free and mechanized operation. So what is the reason why wineries use automatic stubble cooler to make wine?
Good cool stubble machine produces high quality wine. The Baijiu produced by this technology is white, sweet and refreshing, and the distiller's grains machine has pure liquor quality. In the brewing process, the equipment will not only have physical reaction, but also sometimes chemical reaction. In the wine body, white acicular precipitation crystallizes, reflects light, changes little with temperature, and is insoluble in alcohol.
The distillery adopts automatic stubble cooling machine, which is easy to dissolve in water. Jilin cool stubble machine is not easy to shake. There was no packaging at that time, but it gradually gathered and appeared with the extension of time. It is generally considered that the precipitate is the organic salt and inorganic salt formed by the slow chemical reaction between the calcium and magnesium ions in the pulp water and base wine and the organic and inorganic anions in the wine body.
The stubble cooler is combined with baffle, door handle, door hinge and hook and buckle structure to prevent grain from lifting. There are two baffles, which are installed at the front and rear of the stubble cooler respectively. The baffle is made of stainless steel, which is a multifunctional automatic stubble cooler. The length of the baffle is the same as that of the stubble cooler, and the width is half of the height of the stubble cooler.
The stainless steel door handle is welded in the center of the long side of the baffle. On the other side of the long side, fix the two door hinges in a symmetrical position with screws, and the door hinge fixes the baffle on the stubble cooler. When in use, it is fixed by a circular hook and a hook buckle. The front and rear baffles are of symmetrical structure, so that the mixing force of the stubble cooler is too large. When the grain is raised very high, it will block the grain and reduce the loss of raw materials.、
The supporting equipment of full-automatic stubble cooler for brewing is used with the cooperation of roller, flat scroll spring, round hole, steel pipe and tripod structure, so that the operation is not affected by the wire. The inside of the roller is hollow, the flat scroll is equipped with a tension spring, and the cylindrical roller is close to the ground with a hole with a diameter of 2cm. The steel pipe and tripod are fixed on the platform at one end of the stubble cutting machine channel to make the wire safe and reduce the potential safety hazards during operation.
In addition, the automatic stubble cooler is driven by the motor, so pay attention to whether the power supply is safely pulled out during maintenance, and then deal with the corresponding problems. Details determine success or failure, so maintainers should not underestimate it. For more notes, please consult the website www.qfrtrq.com com。



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