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  Since aging, inevitably, stainless steel liner solid wood barrels, will we have a curiosity about its use? Now let's take a look at what happens before it goes into the bucket.
  In the process of aging wine, tannin, vanillin, oak lactone, butanol and other compounds in the barrel will be dissolved in the wine, these substances can make the wine color more stable, taste more soft, fragrance more harmonious.
  The new stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel, for the new purchased stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel we need to check the barrel, the specific step is to fill the barrel with water, stand for a period of time, observe whether the sealing tightness of the barrel is qualified, if qualified, we will steam the barrel, that is to sterilize the barrel with steam.
  This is a crucial step and will help prevent the wine from getting infected. After that, the wine to be aged is pumped into barrels. Seal with rubber plug, then complete the barrel process.
  Just finished the barrel of stainless steel solid wood wine barrel, this need to be washed with water, and then the first steaming barrel, this time to pay attention to the steaming barrel is not only sterilization, but also the purpose of removing tartar, the rest of the same as the last process.
  In addition, wine storage in solid wood wine barrels, mainly rely on the surface of the oak and wine communication, as the barrel age increases, oak components will produce changes. The aroma of the new cask is more, while the aroma of the old cask will gradually decrease. With the increase of use times, the old solid wood cask is susceptible to the pollution of adverse microorganisms.
  At the same time, the storage time is longer because of the reduction of beneficial ingredients, which produce ethyl phenol which can negatively affect the aroma of the wine. Because wine can only communicate with oak on the surface, not with deep wood, solid wood casks must be used at a certain age and must be replaced at a certain time.
  Stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel before the wine to do a good process of the relevant content here, if you have any ideas can come to the website www.qfrtrq.com to share with us.



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