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After using solid wood barrels for a period of time, in order to ensure the quality of liquor, we need regular maintenance. Correct maintenance will not only not cause damage to the barrel, but also make it more durable and extend its service life. For this reason, we summarize some of its maintenance methods, let's have a detailed understanding of it.
1. Because the wood used is dried wood, soaking in water is prohibited. The towel should not be too wet when scrubbing.
2. The thickness of wood is about 2CM. If a sign is nailed on a wooden wine barrel, the length of the nail should not exceed 1CM to prevent the internal gallbladder from being punctured by iron nails or protruding stubble.
3. When the temperature is high in summer, the liquor or liquid should not be too full to prevent the overflow of liquor or other liquids caused by the heat rise.
4. If there is leakage at the tap joint, first let out the liquor or or other liquids, check the plastic interface, if there is no cracking, rewind the tap and tighten the raw material belt. (If the plastic joint is split, we can send the spare parts by post and inform the replacement method separately.)
5. If alcohol or other liquids accidentally enter the small air holes around the injection mouth, please scrub and clean immediately. The liquor or or other liquids entering the bottom of the barrel will seep out along the bottom of the barrel. Please tidy up immediately to prevent long-term immersion until drying.
6. If you need to move, please lift the barrel from the bottom, stop carrying the upper pole, and prevent the inner layer of the barrel lid from falling off. Note: Fill up with liquor or other liquids, please stop this kind of behavior.
7. If cleaning is needed in the barrel during use, do not use any detergent. Just soak liquor above 50 degrees and liquor with 30% water share for 3 days to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
8. Equipments that have been loaded with liquor should not be emptied. If they are not used to store liquor temporarily, they can be injected with fresh water or placed in a cool place. Avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.
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