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  Stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel with its good performance is loved by many wine lovers, but after a long time of application due to some reasons will appear some damage, such as loopholes, so how to repair?
  Repair glue is composed of A and B two components, the use of strictly in accordance with the rules of the cooperation ratio of A and B components fully mixed, according to the mass ratio of A:B = 7:1 or volume ratio of A:B = 4:1. And in the rules can be used up within the operational time limit, if the allocated good glue is not used up at one time, the remaining glue can not be used again, advocate with use with, reduce waste.
  With the scraper or plastic knife will be mixed with good repair glue coated on the appearance of repair, can be first coated with a few, with the scraper or plastic knife repeatedly pressed, so that the repair glue and the matrix full moisture filling, and then coated with the remaining repair glue, leaving a margin for processing, or select the molding method.
  Curing must be time after you can choose the traditional machining methods turning, grinding, drilling, tapping, etc., to reach the request scale; After curing, if there is no need for machining, you can use the palm of your hand to wipe the surface with a small amount of water before curing the sizing surface, in order to achieve a smooth appearance; After processing, if you see the appearance of pores, you should drill holes from scratch (at least 2mm deep), and then fill them from scratch (the same to rough and clean the appearance)。
  The leak of stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel will not only affect the appearance, serious will affect its normal application, so once found to be quickly repaired, more content to the website www.qfrtrq.com see it!



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