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  Solid wood barrels now more and more high utilization rate, manufacturers are also a lot of, but the user will appear a lot of mistakes when buying, bring us a lot of inconvenience, all in the purchase of solid wood barrels need to know a few points.
  Barrel is a traditional wine-making tool, which can improve the wine taste, among which the aroma of solid wood can enhance the wine taste. Different from the use of wine barrels, the substance in solid wood chips is the same as that in wine barrels, and bile wine can breathe oxygen through the wall of the barrel, which is not available in solid wood chips. In the aging process, it is recommended to use wine barrels, and solid wood chips play an auxiliary role.
  As time passes, the aromas in the wine diminish, the aroma of the barrel walls diminishes, and old casks become susceptible to contamination by unfavourable microorganisms, reducing their active ingredients. After use, solid wood chips can be added to increase the effective ingredients in the cask. When the cask used to a certain age, must be replaced in time.
  Because of the high cost of casks, some enterprises want to be in place in one step when the winery is new, stainless steel cask manufacturers think this is a wrong idea. Barrels should be purchased regularly, in small amounts and on a continuous basis. According to the annual winemaking situation timely replacement. Choose the right cask. Self-brewing friends, the advice is to buy different sizes of barrels, according to the storage capacity of the barrel.
  Purchase solid wood barrels to know a few points, the above is the content, if you want to buy barrels to use you need to know more about the relevant professional knowledge as a reserve, it will not be easily fooled, you can come to the website www.qfrtrq.com information to see!



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