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  The so-called automatic wine vending machine is the use of the network to choose and pay, no one to watch, convenient and fast, this machine and vending machine the same principle, some consumers will think, since vending function in convenience stores, the automatic wine vending machine and convenience store cooperation will be how?
  Now unattended self-help form like bamboo shoots after spring rain continuously changing everyone's life, new retail is unattended to many advantages to replace traditional retail, unattended low Labour costs, low rents, scenario requires little space flexible and network operations in the big data comprehensive management efficiency is higher, and many other advantages, make the market more and more prosperous.
  In order to give full play to the advantages of unattended new retail and traditional retail, the two can be combined, in the store door placed automatic wine machine and other unattended self-service equipment, ordinary fast sales products and daily necessities are equivalent to manned, unattended. Some shops are open at night, and liquor vending machines can operate on their own, say 24 hours a day. We should know that the labor cost of night shift is very high, after all, the sales at night is not as good as during the day.
  As soon as this combination of wine vending machines and convenience stores appeared, many commercial giants began to join the vending industry. Depending on the different forms of freight channels, various containers can sell fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks and beverages, dairy products, bread barrel noodles and various daily necessities, as well as convenience store services. In addition, automatic wine vending machine also opened member points, online shopping mall, promotional activities and so on in the alliance member system.
  Vending machine wine can purchase records and integral, according to a member of the past will be interested in goods from the customers pushed to the applications, the interaction between members, and the interactive data uploaded to the backend cloud server for real-time analysis, so according to the customer's consumption to analyze customer's consumption provide a better service to our customers.
  What about a liquor dispenser and a convenience store? It can be known that the form of vending is very popular today, the cooperation between vending machines and convenience stores will be a win-win, so if you want to know more about the content of the wine machine, then come to the website www.qfrtrq.com to consult related questions!



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