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  Why do wineries cooperate with vending machines? Wineries need to change their sales model in today's environment, the traditional sales model can not adapt to the market demand, so the automatic wine machine is a professional choice of wineries. Let's talk about the content.
  Automatic wine selling machine provides one-stop retail solutions for beverage industry by building intelligent liquor consumption service platform and applying the concept of Internet of things, cloud computing and big data. The wine will be directly supplied from the winery to the wine-selling machine, and the intermediate link will be eliminated to expand the profit margin. Through the intelligent liquor retail terminal, consumers can purchase liquor by one or two, to meet consumers' demand for buying good wine at a low price.
  Reduce packaging and save cost; Reduce intermediate links, drinks directly to the table; New model, new profit point. Wineries buy vending machines; Free software platform; Professional software platform; Consumers pay to go directly to the winery's account; We solve all technical problems, winery no worries; We provide all technical upgrades and technical services.
  The real source factory can do the following: customized design for wineries or distributors, provide a complete set of hardware design and software platform development. Custom features can be fine-tuned on an existing basis with significantly less development time. Can also buy existing products, direct shipment. Existing finished intelligent wine machine and intelligent wine machine.
  When placing an order with the automatic wine machine, it can adopt the way of scanning code + online, and it will use the delivery code to operate independently and interact with artificial intelligence, which can better realize the 24-hour self-scanning code to pick up and buy wine; If you make adjustments to the technology, you can support the winery customer service to communicate online. Through this kind of online communication and consultation, you can obtain more professional information. At the same time, the automatic wine vending machine also ensures the quality of the wine so that consumers can drink the rest assured wine.
  Why do wineries cooperate with vending machines? It can be said that the update of current technology has made the traditional sales method have certain limitations, so we need to participate in the update. For more information, please visit www.qfrtrq.com.



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