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  Stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel is a common wine container, not only has good corrosion resistance and is more convenient to clean, but after a long time of use can not avoid the formation of dirt, next xiaobian will introduce you to the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel cleaning taboo.
  Let's first understand the basic information of solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel lining:
  Stainless steel tank of the modelling of solid wood barrel is various, we can root their demand to choose suitable stainless steel tank real wood barrel, wood casks for stainless steel round bladder in transport business advantage, because the barrel full of wine is very heavy, a bulging belly barrel rolling on the ground is relatively easier.
  Stainless steel casks with solid wood are easy to store, and can be placed in rows in the cellar, which is easy to store. As the wine ages, it not only improves the taste of the wine, but also ensures that the wine is not contaminated by adverse microorganisms, thus ensuring the quality of the wine.
  Solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel inner liner can better melt the aroma of wood into wine, and have an important influence on wine structure. Yeast in the barrel changes the reaction between wine and solid wood, plays a role of balancing fruit and wood aroma, can promote the precipitation of insoluble substances, make wine soft and balanced, enhance wine color and stability.
  Stainless steel liner solid wood wine cask cleaning Taboo:
  We should master the correct cleaning skills when cleaning stainless steel lined solid wood wine barrels. We should avoid using corrosive cleaning agents when cleaning stainless steel lined solid wood wine barrels. Otherwise, it will affect the corrosion resistance of stainless steel lined solid wood wine barrels, so as to reduce the service life.
  When the stainless steel tank when solid wood barrel surface is stained with dirt and oil, we should be in clean home use soft cloth to wipe clean, and then clean with neutral detergent to wipe, the surface residue cleaner is wiped clean to ensure dry, we should try to avoid during in bulk in the use of stainless steel barrel outer wall is stained with grease, dirt, etc.
  Stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel in the cleaning is strictly prohibited with edges and corners machine and wire ball cleaning things, because this will not only affect the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel aesthetic and will damage to the stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel surface protective layer.
  Stainless steel liner solid wood cask cleaning what taboos? The above is to explain the content, the use of a thing to understand the relevant information in advance, to prevent the encounter of taboo matters and they are not clear, causing irreversible results, more content please come here www.qfrtrq.com consultation.



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