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  If foreign bodies are found in the use of brewing equipment, it will directly lead to the decline of brewing quality, but why will there be foreign bodies in the process of brewing? In fact, mainly because we are not careful enough in the early inspection work caused.
  When the wine making equipment washes the bottle, the temperature is too high, or the washing time is too long, so it is very easy to cause the filling temperature difference is relatively large, thus causing the bottle mouth rupture and producing foreign bodies. In view of this situation, it is also a reminder to our staff that we need to control the temperature of the washing bottle to reduce the recurrence of similar situations.
  Brewing equipment bottle mouth skew will also cause the brewing process is not smooth, bottle mouth is not aligned, that is, it will be very easy to produce friction, so the probability of foreign body existence will be significantly larger.
  The operation error in the brewing process will affect the wine quality, and the cooling time will be too long, which will lead to the following problems in the wine quality:
  Stall cooling time is too long, easy to make the dross infected with miscellaneous bacteria, miscellaneous bacteria will reduce sugar into other substances, reduce the rate of wine, and bring excessive mildew smell, sour taste and other miscellaneous taste to the wine; Stall cooling time is too long, making dross water loss too much, starch aging, greatly reducing the rate of wine.
  Before the business trip, clean the airing room and spread a layer of cooked chaff on the mat. Remove the fire from the drawer and pour out the cooked grain evenly on the mat. After food is finished after being steamed, there is still residual moisture on it, these moisture needs to be filtered out when spreading air, in order to ensure the normal moisture content of food. Scrape flat grain surface to make thickness, temperature is basically the same, the thickness is 5-8cm. Then use fan or other stall air equipment to cool the grain, and turn the grain in turn.
  Why will there be foreign bodies in brewing equipment? The above content is the answer to the question, if you want to know more content, you can click on the website www.qfrtrq.com consultation.



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