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  Automatic wine selling machine provides one-stop retail solutions for beverage industry by building intelligent liquor consumption service platform and applying the concept of Internet of things, cloud computing and big data. Through the intelligent liquor retail terminal, consumers can purchase liquor by one or two, to meet consumers' demand for buying good wine at a low price. Automatic liquor vending machine has changed the liquor sales model, what new experience to consumers?
  Consumption on demand. The existence of automatic wine vending machine solves the trouble of bringing alcohol by itself. Consumers will only take it when there is demand in restaurants and other places. 50ml can be taken at one time, without opening the whole bottle and without worrying about the treatment of scattered drinks.
  Convenient and quick. Mobile payment allows you to buy wine anytime, anywhere from a nearby wine vending machine.
  High cost performance. Automatic wine selling machine, because of its superior distribution model and substantial savings in logistics costs, management and operation costs, other costs and expenses in the market, the ex-factory price of liquor as the price, much lower than the price of homogeneous products in the market, with high cost performance.
  Source protection to prevent counterfeit alcohol. Factory direct supply, to ensure the taste and quality of drinks.
  Low carbon environmental protection. Automatic wine selling machine realizes the shortest distance from the production line to the table, minimizes the halfway turnover cost, reduces the complicated packaging, saves social and natural energy, and is a model of low carbon environmental protection.
  Through the above introduction, we can see that the automatic and intelligent automatic selling machine has rewritten the liquor retail model, but also let consumers in the case of self-help, buy a variety of inexpensive liquor. However, vending machines do not prevent minors from buying because they are purchased through a credit card store, which means the machine can only recognize the card, not the person. And how to guard against theft and other security technical problems have yet to be broken through. For more information, please visit !



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