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  For many people who want to be engaged in the brewing industry, they have a headache in order to choose the right brewing equipment. So what kind of brewing equipment should a novice entrepreneur prepare? Let's analyze it together.
  Brewing equipment is a tool for steaming wine. There are many kinds of brewing equipment on the market now, and the materials are ceramic, aluminum alloy, ceramic stainless steel and so on. The different materials directly affect the output and quality of wine. Which material is best? Suitable for us to make brewing equipment. Here is an analysis of several materials:
  Ceramics. Using ceramic to steam wine, wine taste mellow, but ceramic heating speed is slow, and the steaming time is longer, more waste of fuel, but also increase the cost of fuel and labor. In addition, ceramics are relatively heavy, difficult to move and fragile.
  Aluminum alloy. This material is relatively light, conducts heat quickly, does not rust, but does not withstand high temperatures. Aluminum alloys contain lead, which chemically reacts with wine. Heavy metals exceeded the standard after liquor steaming, affecting liquor quality, carcinogens do not meet national quality inspection standards. Therefore, all aluminum alloy distillation equipment is unreasonable.
  Stainless steel. The material conducts heat very well, cools and seals very well. Such performance can not only ensure the yield and quality of liquor, but also moderate cost, which can meet the needs of the public. It is a good choice for brewing equipment.
  We also need to think about how big the winery is, how much wine can be produced each day, what kind of ingredients are used to make the wine, what kind of winemaking technology is used to make the wine, what is it going to be? It is very important to influence the location of our winery and what equipment we use for plant construction. Only with these things in mind will we know what equipment we need to run our brewing business.
  After wine production, large wineries need a set of filling and packaging equipment to handle the wine bottling, labeling, packing and other processes. Of course, this is only needed once the winery has grown to a certain size. If put into operation, it could process at least thousands of bottles a day.
  In fact, for the establishment of a winery or brewing workshop, brewing technology is more important than brewing equipment, under normal circumstances are customers to learn to master the brewing technology to know what kind of brewing equipment to choose more suitable for their own. Of course, the choice of brewing equipment should also be more attention is, want to know more to consultation!



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