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  Almost all machines and equipment have a certain service life, that is to say, the use of time to the bottom line of the equipment itself may not be able to use, all most of the users are looking for ways to extend the service life of the equipment, so the service life of automatic stubble machine can be extended? Of course I can. I just need to be careful.
  At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the parameters of automatic stubble machine equipment, pay attention to adding oil, and ensure the normal use of the equipment. The main thing is that the sealing ring of the equipment is vulnerable parts, so we should pay attention to inspection, and the damage should be replaced in time.
  It is necessary to clean the equipment regularly, but pay attention to avoid scratching the equipment with hard objects. For some pollutants, we can use alcohol to wipe them; Clean the internal parts of the equipment regularly, and blow dry them with compressed air after cleaning.
  The importance of lubricating oil to automatic stubble machine can be compared with the importance of blood to the human body. Therefore, the rationality and management of lubricating oil is one of the important contents in the use of mechanical equipment. Rational use and management of lubricating oil can reduce the occurrence of lubrication failure, reduce equipment wear, improve the quality of construction machinery products, reduce production costs, ensure the normal operation of equipment in use, prolong the service life of equipment, improve productivity to a certain extent.
  As long as the automatic stubble function can be guaranteed to achieve good lubrication effect, the viscosity of the selected lubricating oil is smaller. The idea that higher viscosity is better is not true. Although high viscosity lubricating oil can produce good oil film, so as to achieve good lubrication effect, but the greater the viscosity, the greater the internal friction resistance, will increase the extra load of parts. Tests show that high viscosity exceeds the required level, but increases wear and fuel consumption.
  Can the service life of automatic stubble machine be extended? The above contents hope to help you, of course, when we usually use the equipment, we should operate in strict accordance with the instructions, so as to prevent part of the problem. If you want to know more, go to !



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