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  The arrival of the era of intelligence, making a lot of intelligent products on the market, such as automatic wine machine, as the name implies, no one is watching, only need to pay on the machine can buy wine, its future prospects are good, but also let more people choose to invest. So is the future of wine vending worth investing in?
  Slightly different from the automatic retail machine is the automatic wine machine is to remove the packaging of free wine model, in fact, very good, white wine is now inflated price, this removal of packaging can be cheaper, the price of the people. Therefore, automatic wine vending machines can make our life more convenient and reduce labor costs and resource costs.
  And although the Internet is also rich in e-commerce, we will also find that no matter big companies have started offline development, it may even take three or four days to go online, but offline delivery can be on the same day with the help of the Internet, intelligent wine machine can also have a good prospect when combined with the Internet.
  There is one more follow-up we need to consider. Also, find out if there are similar competing products around, and that includes not only vending machines but also stores that sell similar products. Using different modes of cooperation, the effect will be different. In addition to selling products offline, whether we can drive online consumption is also something we need to consider.



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