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The self-service wine vending machine is placed in restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores, which determines the target customer group of the self-service wine vending machine, which is very fixed. It also determines that the goods we can sell are relatively popular to meet everyone's daily drinking needs. So when choosing the Baijiu liquor, we must satisfy the following conditions.
First, wine selection of self-service wine vending machine
It is difficult for everyone to adjust, which requires us to try our best to meet the taste needs of the public in the choice of drinks in the wine selling machine. At present, the self-service wine vending machine developed by Zibo Hechuang Technology Information Co., Ltd. has two wine outlets. The terminal of each outlet is connected with a 25 liter wine container. Each outlet is Luzhou flavor type and Maotai flavor type respectively. When consumers need to drink, they can scan the code and buy it according to their personal preferences.
Second, the self-service wine vending machine should have some special functions
The self-service wine vending machines are all familiar with the same group. Therefore, how to use the big data of self-service wine vending machine to do a good job in marketing and make users more convenient to use has become very important.
For example, wine vending machine should have code scanning function. This two-dimensional code can obtain different specifications of wine volume, and it can also facilitate the merchant background to monitor the wine inventory in real time. It is more convenient for both consumers and merchants.
Third, the self-service wine vending machine can meet the needs of the market environment
Like a raging fire, such as Ali and Jingdong, the retail business is still underway. But our retail outlets are still under way. The retail sales of Baijiu Baijiu is a breakthrough for the self service wine selling machine, specializing in the liquor retail industry under the line, making a major contribution to the market in the overall consumption environment.
For businesses, profit is important and irreplaceable. However, there are many disadvantages in the traditional marketing mode, such as the large inventory pressure, slow cash flow, single terminal sales and the increasing price of circulation. In view of this situation, the self selling wine machine has launched the Internet plus Baijiu sales mode, which has solved the thorny problem skillfully.
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