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As the old saying goes, "the aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley". Many wines will have the aroma of wine in the brewing process because of natural fermentation. Many breweries do not use all kinds of spices.
In this case, we need to use the following methods to adjust and improve the wine aroma and taste. How can we achieve that even in the wine selling machine, there will still be a good wine aroma when it is taken out for sale.
1. Because the grains used in brewing are different, different wines taste different after brewing. For example, sorghum will produce eugenic acid tannin during brewing, which can be transformed into an aromatic substance to enhance the aroma.
And each kind of different grain will have its own unique taste. And there is also a kind of coarse grain wine, which will have various flavors.
2、上一条先容的五谷可以为酒的香气提供基本的功能,从而可以让酒在酿造出来之后是可能会具有香味的,但是在酿造的时候使用什么样的工艺才可以让香气发酵出来,以及如何让香气在存放的时候也是可以留存的更久 ,这都是需要在生产工艺当中作出调整才可以达到的。
2. The grains described in the previous article can provide basic functions for the aroma of wine, so that the wine may have aroma after brewing, but what kind of process can be used to ferment the aroma during brewing, and how to keep the aroma longer during storage, This can only be achieved by making adjustments in the production process.
Many liquor vending machines produce a variety of substances during distillation, and because there are many kinds of esters, they will smell full-bodied aroma and flavor. And the aroma we can smell at ordinary times is produced by ethyl ester. The alcohol can also help the wine to send out the smell, and it can also make the wine more "mellow" flavor.
Have you understood the methods to improve the aroma introduced above? Because the wine stored in the automatic wine vending machine needs to avoid volatilization, so it needs to adjust the interior to avoid volatilization when placed. Only in this way can the wine have a good aroma when taken out.



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