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Sharing automatic wine vending machine is a way different from many traditional wine vending methods. This wine vending method has become a different new retail method after combining with the Internet. Today, let's see the comparison of its advantages with other sales methods.
1. This sales method belongs to the new retail method of F2C, and the mainstream ERP system and code scanning to buy wine are supported;
2. When placing an order, you can scan the code + online, and will use the pick-up code for self-service operation. At the same time, it will be combined with artificial intelligence interaction, which can better realize 24-hour self scanning code for wine and purchase;
3. Moreover, if the technology is adjusted, it can support the winery customer service to communicate online. Through this way of online communication and consultation, more professional information can be obtained. At the same time, the shared wine vending machine can also ensure the quality of wine in terms of after-sales, so that consumers can drink relaxed wine;
4. At the same time, it has a strong operation team when using it. It will carry out in-depth cooperation with the professional artificial intelligence technology team, and can assist the agent to complete the access of hotels, restaurants and other consumer places;
5. Moreover, in the way of docking wineries, resources are also very extensive. We can connect different wineries according to the requirements of different consumer groups across the country for different tastes of wine;
6. Moreover, the company will also provide special regional protection policies, and there will be no two same agents in the same region.
The above introduction is the comparison of the use advantages of the shared wine vending machine. Compared with other sales methods, the use of the equipment reduces the labor cost of many stores when selling wine, and at present, it will be simpler in terms of operation because it is less used.
In order to ensure that the wine sold by the terminal is the source wine and avoid the potential quality and safety hazards that may occur in the intermediate links, Yuncheng intelligence achieves the ultimate in technical fidelity. RFID encryption tag and anti backflow technology are pioneered on the intelligent wine dispenser. The wine is filled by the standard of the original factory of the origin, safely transported to the terminal store through logistics, and then scanned and purchased through the intelligent wine dispenser, so as to ensure that consumers can drink good wine with origin, high quality, high cost performance and zero distance.
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