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The key to brewing lies in fermentation. If fermentation is done well, the quality and yield of wine will be improved. The fermentation temperature of raw materials for wine making should be controlled above 20 ℃ and below 40 ℃. Those above 40 ℃ are easy to produce acid, * cool stubble machine, or even Qu seed. Those below 20 ℃ are difficult to ferment raw materials. The manufacturer of household brewing equipment introduced that at the beginning of fermentation, the full-automatic stubble cooler should be fully stirred once a day to ensure the complete fermentation of raw materials. Generally speaking, when the fermentation temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃, the fermentation period is 15 ~ 20 days; When the fermentation temperature is 25 ~ 30 ℃, the fermentation period is about 12; When the fermentation temperature is 30 ~ 38 ℃, the fermentation period is about 7 days.
Brief introduction of stubble cooler cooler is a kind of heat exchange equipment, which is used to cool the fluid. Water or air is usually used as coolant to remove heat. There are wall coolers, spray coolers, jacket coolers and snake tube coolers. The installation mode of cooler is divided into vertical oil cooler and horizontal oil cooler. The price of stubble cooler. The vertical cooler has the characteristics of small installation area and convenient installation. The horizontal oil cooler has the characteristics of low pressure drop and strong water impact. Therefore, the correct selection of vertical or horizontal oil cooler according to the requirements of different sites, space heights and service performance can better meet the needs of generator sets and other equipment.
(1) The cooler can be put into use only after it passes the pressure test, and the water stored in the front row can be used as much as possible.
(2) Check whether the pour down and vent valves are flexible and easy to use, the switch position, and whether all pressure gauges and thermometers are installed.
(3) Check whether the foundation and support are firm, and whether all bolts are fully fastened.
(4) When put into use, put cold flow first and then heat flow.
(5)在投用冷介质或热介质时,首先要保证副线畅通,再缓慢开出口阀,检查无问题后开入口阀,一定要缓慢开,憋压。投用过程要注意观察设备变化情况。 冷却器投用后,随着温度压力的变化,可能会出现泄漏现象,应及时进行检查。
(5) When using cold medium or hot medium, first ensure that the auxiliary line is unblocked, then slowly open the outlet valve, and open the inlet valve after checking that there is no problem. Be sure to open it slowly and hold the pressure. Pay attention to the changes of equipment during operation. After the cooler is put into operation, leakage may occur with the change of temperature and pressure, which should be checked in time.
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