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The beer brewed by the brewing equipment not only has a strong taste, but also has a unique taste. Selecting high-quality materials, the brewing product has a better taste. It is a common brewing equipment in the market.
1. Selection of materials. Self-brewing beer equipment usually uses high-quality malt with high solubility, relatively deep color and smaller granules, and about 10% malt. Sometimes we call it "amber malt" to increase malt flavor of beer products for sweet malt, and prevent excessive burnt and bitter taste, which will affect the taste of beer. Malt damage can be appropriately coarse to prevent filtration difficulties.
Second: Participate in sugar color agent. The dosage can be determined according to the color specification of beer products, generally not exceeding 0.2% of liquor, and can be increased by beer filtration in self-brewing beer equipment.
Because beer taste largely depends on the quality of colorants, maltose color has been used in recent years. Its basic ingredients are close to wort, and the solubility is good. It is a better colorant, but it can not be increased too much.
Third: Output. If you consider producing beer in large quantities, you need to equip a yeast saccharification and fermentation equipment to ensure the quality of beer brewed by self-brewing beer equipment is stable, and to prevent interference with the production of other varieties of products.
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