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1, the wooden wine sea helps the maturation of wine, maintains the unique acid base balance, and promotes the close combination of ethanol and water molecules, which greatly reduces the spicy flavor of Baijiu, and is full of alcohol and fragrance.
2. The wine in the wooden wine sea completes the complex process of de aging, impurity removal, ripening and aroma enhancement, promotes the aging of the wine, and ensures that the wine is mellow, plump, harmonious fragrance, soft, sweet and clean, and has a long aftertaste.
3. Wooden wine sea can make the wine more clear, make the aroma of the wine more concentrated, mellow and elegant, and prevent the wine from corruption and deterioration.
4, the long term storage of Baijiu liquor can maintain the original flavor of liquor quality.
The aging process of raw liquor in the wooden wine sea is also the process of its own movement and natural aging. Due to the particularity of materials and processes in wood Baijiu, the common acid-base balance was maintained in the process of common oxidation reduction reaction, molecular association reaction and esterification in liquor storage, and the close combination of ethanol and water molecules was promoted. The unique flavor and nutritional components dissolved from wine sea to wine greatly reduce the spicy flavor of Baijiu. It is full of alcohol and fragrance, and tastes sweet and refreshing.
The older the "wine sea", the longer the storage time and the better the quality. Making method of wooden wine sea: wood wine sea selects high-quality wood and carefully selects its texture quality. The purpose is to make exquisite and elegant wood products and dry naturally after pasting. This product is not leak, no cracking, pure natural green product, and is made by hand after making traditional mulberry paper paper making technology over a hundred years. Wood wine is stored in the sea for a long time. Baijiu can keep the original color and flavor of the liquor, and has the characteristics of anti leakage, acid corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.



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