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1 electrostatic grounding device
Grounding device is a simple and common way to reduce static electricity. The key is to reduce static electricity on electrical conductors. In order to avoid accidents caused by electrostatic flame, appropriate grounding device and method shall be adopted according to industry standards and industry specifications.
2 surrounding humidification
Increasing the air humidity in the air is beneficial to reduce the static electricity on the spot. Increasing the air humidity in the air is to increase the saturation level of water vapor in the air. Water will be digested, absorbed or absorbed on the surface of the block, thus reducing the resistor index on the surface of the block, so as to facilitate the introduction of electrostatic positive charge into the ground.
3 add antistatic agent
Antistatic agent has good conductivity or strong water absorption. Therefore, in the high insulating layer materials that are easy to cause static electricity, after adding antistatic agent, the volume resistor or surface resistivity of raw materials can be reduced, the electrostatic dew can be accelerated and the electrostatic risk can be reduced.
4 process control method
The quadratic positive ratio between the static electricity caused by the fluidity of hazardous chemicals in the pipeline and the water flow of hazardous chemicals. Reducing the water flow reduces the friction level and reduces the cause of static electricity. Therefore, when the storage tank inputs hazardous chemicals and outputs hazardous chemicals, manipulating the water flow of hazardous chemicals transportation is a reasonable way to reduce the electrostatic positive charge.
5. Reduce the external caused by static electricity
When the water content of hazardous chemicals is mixed and compressed according to air, the generation of static electricity will expand. The canning and export of hazardous chemicals shall prevent hazardous chemicals from mixing with water.
6 solve body static electricity
For the solution of body static electricity, specific methods such as grounding device, wearing anti-static shoes and anti-static clothes can be used to reduce the accumulation of static electricity on the body. For soil, gravel, concrete and other pavement, the resistance is not easy to be greater than 106?, All electrostatic conductors. In the storage tank farm, anti-static shoes are required.
7 electrostatic grounding device
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