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Myth 1: anything can be loaded into it.
Wooden wine barrels are not only beneficial to wine, and not all wine will become better after experiencing it. Only "natural beauty" wine can withstand the cultivation of wooden wine barrels. For the wine with weak foundation, if it must be cultured in the, it will make the wine more rough, taste more bitter, and the only fruit aroma will be suppressed by the oak flavor, leaving only the choking oak flavor.
Myth 2: solid wood powder, solid wood chips and solid wood boards cannot be used for wine.
Wooden barrels are essential for the production of high-quality wine, but not all wine can be aged in wooden barrels. When the wine body is thin and the tannins are weak, oak chips and oak boards can be used.
Myth 3: wooden wine barrels bring all the benefits to wine.
The barrel does not bring all the benefits to wine, and sometimes even disadvantages. For example, wooden wine barrels that are not cleaned or too old will not only bring moldy, rotten wood and other strange flavors to the wine, but also lead to excessive oxidation and deterioration of the wine.
Myth 4: wine barrels can be used indefinitely.
Wine is stored in wooden barrels, which mainly depends on the surface of solid wood to communicate with wine. With the increase of barrel age, the composition of solid wood will change. New barrels have more fragrance, while the fragrance of old barrels will gradually decrease. With the increase of application frequency, old wooden barrels are easy to be polluted by adverse microorganisms. The application of wooden wine barrels must have a certain age limit and need to be replaced in a certain period of time.



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