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1、 Installation equipment
Shandong brewing equipment manufacturer: first place the heat treatment furnace, material barrel and closed cooling tower, then connect the pipeline and gas passing valve, and then mark the parts of the heat treatment furnace, material barrel and closed cooling tower with quicklime powder, and then open them more. During installation, install the heat treatment furnace first, fine tune the placement of material barrel according to the parts of the heat treatment furnace, and then install the refrigeration equipment.
2、 Equipment cleaning
Shandong brewing equipment manufacturer: the cleaning of small brewing equipment is very key. If it cannot be carried out properly, it will cause heavy peculiar smell of brewed wine and unqualified environmental sanitation. Before installation, the equipment needs to be removed in all aspects with cold water to ensure the basic safety performance of the brewing process. Before the equipment is put into operation, it shall be removed with steam. The specific method is to connect the heat treatment furnace, material barrel and closed cooling tower, ignite, turn off the main power switch 30 minutes after the steam is caused, and deliver it for use in operation.
3、 Equipment maintenance management and maintenance
1. Softened water shall be used for small-scale brewing during wine production, so as to reduce the damage of stains in the water to the equipment.
2. After each work, open the water drain valve to drain the water stored in the heat treatment furnace to reduce the deposition of stains.
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