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All parts of the brewing equipment complement each other to complete the brewing operation of the brewing equipment, which is loved by many customers because of its good taste. Because improving the brewing function of the brewing equipment can also ensure the taste of the brewing wine, this is an indispensable operation for wine lovers. In view of this situation, The brewing equipment manufacturer introduced to us in detail the methods to improve the brewing function of brewing equipment:
In case of abnormal sound of the fan, serious heating of the motor, electrification of the shell, switch tripping and failure to start during the operation of the fan of brewing equipment, it shall be shut down immediately for inspection. In order to ensure * *, repair during fan operation is not allowed. After maintenance, the test run shall be carried out for about five minutes, and the machine shall be started up after confirming that there is no abnormality. The blower of brewing equipment shall be stored in a dry environment to prevent the motor from moisture. When the fan is stored in the open air, there shall be rain proof measures. During storage and handling, the fan shall be prevented from collision and damage.
First, all chemical reactions require appropriate temperature, so it is very important to grasp the time and temperature of koji.
Second, many distiller's yeast can't fully hydrolyze starch in the first step, can't transform well, and can't completely hydrolyze starch, resulting in that yeast doesn't get enough polysaccharides or monosaccharides to ferment to produce ethanol).
Third, the fermentation ability of yeast is not strong, and even the environment with more sugar can not be completely transformed. These problems are not solved by relying solely on the operation technology of winemakers. They need to rely on biotechnology to improve the quality and yield of wine.
In the brewing equipment, the mixing equipment can lift the mash. In the heating stage, the mixing paddle blade should be located at a lower position close to the heating surface, and the heat conduction should be strengthened by convection as strong as possible on the heating surface to prevent local overheating or pot pasting. On the contrary, in the rest stage, the mixing blade is more advantageous in the higher position, because the "pumping effect" is significantly better than the lower position at this moment.
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