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There are five main points in the process of fully automatic stubble cooling machine wine, which are: Pharmaceutical wine, raw material treatment, fermentation, distillation and wine degree adjustment. The first thing to do is to make medicinal wine. Our common medicinal wine can be divided into black and white medicinal wine; The second is the treatment of raw materials. The second is fermentation.
也就是将先糖化的原料摊开,以达到冷却的目的,在添加倍量的废槽,并将其混合均匀;之后就是蒸馏。大家可以在蒸馏酒时,依据酒醪的松散度来决定是否需要加入垄糖以及加入垄糖的分量;就是 酒度的调整了。
That is, spread out the raw materials saccharified first to achieve the purpose of cooling, add times the amount of waste tank and mix them evenly; Then distillation. When distilling wine, we can decide whether to add ridge sugar and the amount of ridge sugar according to the looseness of the mash; It's the adjustment of alcohol.
The maintenance of the automatic stubble cooler is also particularly important. It can not only ensure that the wine is more sweet, but also reduce your maintenance cost. First of all, you should take the initiative to maintain and regularly check the equipment in normal operation to ensure that there is no or less failure of the wine making equipment. The technical department should follow the maintenance principle, and the maintenance time management personnel can control it freely. For maintenance equipment, there is no need to replace parts, which costs less economically and does not affect the work of other production equipment in the plant.
Maintenance is different. It needs to replace parts and waste equipment working time, which affects the production tasks and plans of the whole enterprise and the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, you should pay attention to daily equipment maintenance, so as to reduce the number of repairs.
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