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In response to the call of the Times, the vending machine program will continue to implement the “New retail”model, the use of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things technology. To realize the new retail direction of liquor industry —— The revolution and innovation of Liquor E-commerce, to promote the overall ecological reconstruction and sustainable development of liquor industry. Rentai automatic wine vending machine four advantages: saving resources, to adapt to the progress of the Times.
1. According to consumer demand, eliminate waste. Currently out of the market high-tech vending machine program, to support the sale of bottled wine and bulk wine, to adapt to a variety of business premises, according to the diverse needs of customers for sales. You can try it first and then buy it, effectively reducing waste, small bulk wine up to 1ml.
 2. Quality Assurance, the elimination of counterfeit wine vending machine can help operators control product quality, achieve the whole process of wine safety tracing, from the source to the end to ensure the quality of wine, eliminate the risk of counterfeit wine. 
3. The invention is economical and efficient, reduces the packaging and the middle circulation link, and improves the performance-price ratio of the wine. At the same time can first try to buy, effectively reduce waste, enhance the consumer’s desire to buy.
 4. Private liquor cabinet automatic vending machine terminal will solve the problem of customers bringing their own drinks. Consumers only need to hold the membership card of the operating platform, they can enjoy the alcohol access service at all terminals in the country, making it a private mobile wine cabinet, reducing the trouble of bringing their own drinks.
Two-way Oto is used in the automatic vending machine to innovate the e-commerce mode. Intelligent wine terminal will be the Internet and offline business opportunities combined to solve the problem of online one-kilometer distribution.
At the same time, smart terminal with wireless network function, offline customers to a broader online trading platform, online and offline resources to achieve two-way Oto. Build your own sales channel and subvert the traditional model. Rentai connects all kinds of distillery products through the intelligent liquor sales system, and dispatches them to the consumer terminal through the intelligent liquor sales terminal to build a nationwide intelligent liquor sales network. I hope the above will be helpful to you.



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