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The traditional sales model of liquor industry, Qufu Rentai container launched intelligent vending machine, to provide high-quality liquor consumption experience for the people, through online and offline integrated services, to create a real belong to consumers of “Mobile liquor cabinet.”. Oh, Shit
The machine is equipped with special casks, each barrel of about 10 catties of wine capacity, a wine can be up to 1 tael. The terminal information can be displayed at any time, and through the wine factory packaging directly enters the sales method of the wine selling machine, thus saving the packaging cost, solving the problem of fake and inferior products that may arise from the intermediate link, and preventing the counterfeit wine from mixing with the consumer group, to provide consumers with a truly safe and healthy wine. Oh, Shit
4 advantages of Rentai
1, need to consume the existence of the wine cabinet, solved the problem of bring their own wine, consumers in the restaurant will need to access, do not open the whole bottle, do not worry about the remaining scattered drinks.
2, convenient and fast alipay sweep pay, immediately automatic vending machine to take wine.
3, High cost-effective Liquor Cabinet, eliminating the middle agent link sales, logistics costs, management costs, market costs and other costs and costs of substantial savings, significantly lower than the market price of homogeneous products, greatly saving costs.
4, source protection to eliminate fake wine we use the source of wine are from the first-line wine enterprises to packaging of the original wine, to ensure that every drop of wine are subject to rigorous testing, to ensure that every drop of wine is subject to rigorous testing.
Low-carbon environmental protection automatic vending machine realizes the shortest distance from the production line to the dining table, minimizes the midway turnover cost, reduces the complicated packing, saves the society, the natural energy, is the model of low-carbon environmental protection.



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