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Automatic wine vending machine is a vending machine placed in restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores to serve drinking consumers and make money. So what is the model of self-service wine vending machine? What is a money machine? Next, let's take a look at the advantages of automatic wine vending machine.
First, wine selection of automatic wine vending machine


It is difficult for everyone to adjust, which requires us to try our best to meet the taste needs of the public in the choice of drinks in the wine selling machine. At present, the shared intelligent wine vending machine developed by rentai supports customized multi-channel wine outlets, multiple wine outlets for users to choose, and wine products and prices can be customized. When consumers need to drink, they can scan the code and buy according to their personal preferences.
Second, the automatic wine vending machine can not rely solely on hardware
The automatic wine vending machine is not just a machine, but a solution combining software and hardware. In addition to providing hardware, the automatic wine vending machine has a powerful management platform.
Through the platform, users can realize real-time account sharing, real-time data gap and big data comparison and analysis. More precise positioning of target users, to achieve true intelligence sharing, Internet plus finance new concept.
Third, the automatic wine vending machine meets the needs of the market environment
The liquor industry has always been the most important part of the domestic beverage industry, and Baijiu has the largest proportion in the whole liquor industry (including red wine beer, etc.).
In the traditional Chinese Baijiu, the high-end Baijiu will choose the traditional marketing mode more frequently, and the Internet is only the sale of the electronic business platform. The middle and low end Baijiu market will choose more offline consumption environment.
Under the new retail mode of sharing, the automatic selling machine provides a new breakthrough for the retail Baijiu, and has made a great contribution to the whole consumption environment.
Fourth, it provides great convenience for users and consumers
Under the traditional marketing mode, the biggest problem of Baijiu industry is to increase prices. The defect that the quality cannot be guaranteed. In view of this situation, the automatic wine vending machine has solved the thorny problem with its own unique "new Internet retail".
For users (wineries), the self-service wine vending machine can set the profit sharing ratio, and the wine will arrive in real time after being sold, which solves the problems of inventory backlog and insufficient cash flow.
On the other hand, it is a waste of consumers and consumers to eliminate the number of consumers by scanning the mobile phone, paying the electronic payment and drinking, and realizing that consumers can buy the Baijiu directly from the source to the real quality guarantee. Really achieved good wine is not expensive!
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