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Stainless steel inner liner solid wood barrel during the aging of wine, the compound substances such as tannin, vanillin, oak lactone and eugenol in the barrel will dissolve in the wine. These substances can make the wine more stable in color, softer in taste and more coordinated in aroma. In addition, the solid wood barrel wall can improve the clarity of wine because of its permeability.
In the process of aging wine in stainless steel inner liner solid wood barrel, the above compounds will change over time. In fact, the contribution of solid wood barrel of different ages to wine is different. For wine, the beneficial ingredients and aroma contained in the old solid wood barrel are much less than those in the new solid wood barrel. Generally speaking, solid wood barrels can store wine for five to six years.
Stainless steel inner liner, solid wood barrel, bright surface, easy to clean, free of dirt, safe, environmental protection, sanitation and refinement. Tough, corrosion-resistant, combined with exquisite polishing technology, it highlights beauty and elegance on the basis of practicality, and is easy to clean.
The introduction of stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel is over. For space reasons, I'll talk to you here. If it's about stainless steel liner solid wood wine barrel / You can pay attention to our official website and will give you a detailed introduction.



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