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When using the brewing equipment, you must not panic if the brewing equipment has shutdown failure. This is actually some common problems in the use of many equipment. Let me tell you this.
1. Immediately close the hopper door of the brewing equipment and squeeze out the excess materials in the barrel as much as possible; Cut off the power and water supply, first remove the heating element on the die, then remove the die, and then remove the screw with a special tool. If polyolefin material is to be produced, the screws must not be removed. However, in case of serious mechanical failure, it is generally difficult to resume production in a short time. Take out the screws for cleaning.
2. Clean the screw, barrel and die with copper or aluminum tools, and carefully check whether there are wear and scars on the surface of parts. If any, polish it carefully with an oilstone. The gland of the installation mould of brewing equipment shall also be carefully polished.
3. If the brewing equipment is not started after cleaning according to the above methods, first check the causes of temporary shutdown. If production cannot be resumed immediately, hang the screws vertically with grease first, and then arrange troubleshooting and maintenance. After the equipment is repaired, reinstall the screw, apply high-temperature grease on the bolts used to install the mold, and then install the mold. Bolts should be tightened diagonally. If conditions permit, use a torque wrench to ensure that the die will not leak and it is very convenient to disassemble again.
4. Because the brewing process is not well controlled, it is necessary to find out the causes of out of control in the operation process of brewing equipment and solve them. For example, is it because the temperature control instrument fails or the thermocouple is not inserted correctly.
The above is what we should do when the brewing equipment is shut down. Correct prevention and useful maintenance are the basic guarantee to improve the use efficiency of brewing equipment. The sudden shutdown of brewing equipment is rare, but it can not be ignored.



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