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The full-automatic stubble cooler is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt and a stirring cage, a beating rod, a turnover rod, a blanking device and a discharge pipe successively connected to the conveyor belt. The fan is fixed on the frame at the side end of the conveyor belt and is set as at least three sets. The blanking device is composed of a blanking hopper and a blanking roller fixed at the lower part of the blanking hopper, The frame is provided with baffles higher than both sides of the conveyor line of the conveyor belt.
When in use, the wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt. While crushing and mixing, the fan works to quickly cool down. The cooled wine stubble is automatically mixed with koji in the blanking device. The full-automatic stubble cooler * * of the utility model has the advantages of cooling effect, reducing power consumption, solving the self accumulation and blockage of existing equipment, and realizing the automatic mixing of wine stubble and distiller's yeast.
Sorghum crusher has strength: the strength of sorghum crusher refers to the resistance of materials to damage, which is generally expressed by damage stress, that is, the force per unit area when materials are damaged. It can be divided into compression, shear, bending and tensile strength according to the different force application methods during failure. The measured strength of the same material is different in different loading environments, such as particle size, loading speed and medium environment. The particle size is small and there are few internal defects, so the strength is high. For the stubble cooler manufacturer, the strength is higher when the loading speed is fast than when the loading speed is slow. For the full-automatic stubble cooler, the damage resistance of the same material measured in air and water is also different.
Hardness: the hardness of sorghum crusher refers to the resistance of materials to deformation. General non-metallic materials shall be expressed by Mohs hardness, and the quotation of stubble cooler shall be divided into 10 grades. For the same material, the strength of the stubble cooler is closely related to the particle size. No matter what kind of material, the finer the particles are, the greater the strength is. This is because the particle size becomes finer, the macro and micro cracks of the particles are reduced, the fewer defects are, and the damage resistance stress becomes larger. Therefore, the crushing energy consumption is high.
The common general process of wine making is cooking grain (as long as it is grain containing starch or sugar or dried fruit, wine can be made), and then sealed fermentation is carried out after koji is put at the appropriate temperature. The reason why it is a common process is that there are many brewing methods, which will not be described in detail here. One of the key points of wine quality * * is whether the fermentation process is good or not, including the fermentation temperature, the koji used and the fermentation time. Of course, these will be mastered by you in the actual operation. This process is not complicated. You will remember it after one or two operations. That is to cook the grain - add the right temperature to the starter - ferment in the pot - distilling - Baijiu in the distilled spirit.



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