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Generally speaking, in the whole brewing process, we should ensure that there are no cracks and cracks in the brewing equipment. For winemakers, how can the brewing equipment avoid cracks in the brewing process? Let's follow the manufacturer of brewing equipment:
1. Pot loading: put the fermented liquid into the pot, put the iron rake, cover the forced cover, connect the upper air bar, the connection between the lower edge of the forced cover and the wine pot, the connection between the air bar and the forced cover, the connection between the air bar and the condenser, and the tank shall be filled with water for sealing. The stove ignites and begins to cook. At this time, pay special attention to mixing frequently and stir all parts of the bottom of the pot as much as possible.
2. Wine measurement: in the cooking process, no matter from the wine pot, gas bar or condenser, the gas from any part is running wine. Therefore, the whole brewing equipment can't have cracks and cracks everywhere. The water in the sealing groove is always not short. At the beginning, wine is the first wine, which is what we usually call flowing wine.
3. Receiving wine: when the alcohol content from the wine outlet pipe is lower than the level you need, you can lift the receiving bucket and use the bucket to receive the wine. When the alcohol content is lower than 10 degrees, all the wine in the pot is cooked. The wine you receive will be cooked together with the liquid materials used to cook the wine. With the same, you can produce high alcohol. The wine will be recycled one pot after another. The wine will not be wasted at all.
4. Discharge: press the stove in the fire, twist the discharge switch on the bottom of the pot, release liquid material, pour the hot and hot materials into the cylinder or pool and the blighted grain, and mix evenly with hot spades or spoons. The roughage is quickly heated and softened by the hot wine slot, and then the temperature will drop down. Then it can be used to feed pigs, goose, duck and dog directly, and the wine is very fragrant and love to eat.



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