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As for the solid wood wine barrel of horse drawn cart, I believe everyone should know that the pictures carved by horse drawn cart are lifelike and bring us a strong visual artistic effect. Then some people are curious about how to carve it? What are the steps? Is it complicated? Rentai's editor will introduce you:
Step 1: first cut the removed wood into wood chips. When cutting with a hacksaw, most of the growth rings and fibers of the wood will be destroyed. Therefore, in the next manufacturing process, the oak barrel must be made by manual axe.
Step 2: dry the wood for a long time. Oak chips must be placed outdoors before making. This process is mainly to increase the waterproof of oak and weaken the astringency of tannins.
Step 3: combine the oak pieces. Cut the dried oak into wood chips with wide middle and small ends. Generally, 32 pieces of oak chips are required when making a barrel, and the oak is fixed with iron bars.
Step 4: the crucial step is to heat and smoke like a barrel. By heating the oak, the oak can leave a smoky taste, which will make the soaked wine have the aroma of almond and bread.
Five step inspection: put the lid on the oak barrel for sealing inspection. After passing the inspection, the oak barrel can be processed artistically and put into the market.
Six step carving: it is the general name of the three creation methods of carving, carving and molding. It refers to the use of various plastic materials (such as gypsum, resin, clay, etc.) or Engravable and Engravable hard materials (such as wood, stone, metal, jade block, agate, etc.) to create a visual and touchable artistic image with a certain space.
Seven step silk screen printing: the printing plate is meshed, and the layout forms two parts: through holes and through holes. During printing, the ink leaks from the through holes of the layout to the substrate under the extrusion of the scraping plate.
The above is the related introduction of the carving process and production steps on the horse drawn cart solid wood wine barrel. I hope the above content can bring you some help.



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