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The automatic stubble airing machine is a brewing equipment, which is used for cold mixing wine stubble and adding the mixture of wine and Qu wine. It has the advantages of short working time, very saving resources, automatic material addition and unloading, reducing the labor intensity of workers and eliminating food waste. The parts in contact with particles are made of excellent stainless steel. When in use, the wine stubble passes through the conveyor belt, and the fan works while crushing and mixing to cool quickly. After cooling, the wine stubble is automatically mixed with koji in the feeding device.
The full-automatic stubble drying machine is mainly composed of a frame, a fan, a conveyor belt, a mixing cage, a feeding rod, a steering rod, a feeding device and a discharge pipe connected to the conveyor belt in turn. It is fixed on the side of the conveyor belt, at least three frames of the full-automatic stubble dryer are arranged, the unloading device is composed of a lower hopper and a falling roller fixed at the lower part of the lower hopper, and the frame is provided with baffles higher than both sides of the conveyor belt.
When in use, the wine cellar passes on the conveyor belt, the fan operates while crushing and mixing, the temperature decreases rapidly, and the cooled wine cellar is automatically mixed with koji in the unloading device. The full-automatic stubble drying machine of the utility model improves the cooling effect, reduces the energy consumption, solves the self-produced blockage of the existing equipment, and realizes the automatic mixing of wine cellar and koji liquor.
In addition, the automatic stubble drying machine can also be used for frequency control during transportation, mixing and reduction.
Before installation, it is necessary to dig pits, build walls, arrange dirty pipes and other cumbersome preparations. The full-automatic stubble drying machine is adopted, and the leaked stubble of the cold stubble net is directly dropped into the stainless steel box designed by this machine. After cleaning, it can be fully used in the pool. The workshop floor does not require any preparation before installation. It can also be used and moved as needed.



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