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Automatic stubble cooler is a new type of brewing equipment, which has the characteristics of high speed and high power.
1. The machine can complete the grain spreading, bending, mixing and other processes at one time, and realize the height control of grain residue spreading layer.
2. Double pitch stainless steel stranded plate chain is adopted for transportation, with flat plate surface and stable operation, and frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted.
3. Four groups of low-noise all stainless steel centrifugal fans are selected for the cooling system, and the second group is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation.
4. The whole section is equipped with one group of leveling equipment, three groups of grain turning equipment, two groups of distiller's grains mixing equipment and one group of brush material brushing equipment.
5. The bending shall be uniform, the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation shall be adopted, and the bending amount shall be controlled.
6. A plate chain brush cleaning system is set, and a row of cleaning movable doors are set on one side of the box to achieve hygiene.
7. The overall surface of the equipment shall be subject to wire drawing treatment.
Compared with the original stubble cooler, the full-automatic stubble cooler has more obvious advantages. The full-automatic stubble cooler is developed on the basis of the original stubble cooler. The price of the full-automatic stubble cooler is 40-50 minutes for the original stubble cooler, and only 20 minutes for the upgraded full-automatic stubble cooler, which greatly shortens the time, improves the power and shortens the working time.
The whole stubble cooling process of the original stubble machine takes about 40-50 minutes. Using the full-automatic stubble cooling machine, it takes only about 20 minutes. The stubble cooling machine shortens the time, and the whole machine has small power, short working time, energy saving and better stubble cooling effect. In the process of cooling stubble, the stubble falling into the underground air duct from the Bizi hole accounts for about 3% of the total, which can not be recycled, resulting in direct waste of materials. Before the installation, it is necessary to dig pits, build walls, organize sewage pipelines and other cumbersome preparations.
Using the automatic stubble cooling machine, the stubble leaked from the stubble net belt directly falls into the planned stainless steel box of the machine. After finishing, it is completely used in the pool, which is simple and convenient, and eliminates the phenomenon of waste and environmental pollution. No preparatory work is required on the floor of the workshop before installation. It can also be used as needed.



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