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(1) according to the wine level, the Baijiu can be divided into two categories.
Highly Baijiu: alcohol is above 50 degrees.
Moderate Baijiu: alcohol is 30~19 degrees.
Low alcohol Baijiu: alcohol is below 29 degrees.
(2) In order to ensure the quality of wine, a good way is to "pick the middle". There are two methods to deal with the wine head and wine tail: one is to pour the wine head and wine tail together into the distillation pot and distill them together; the other is to put the wine head and wine tail together and steam them separately.
The two methods can obtain high alcohol above 60 degrees. This wine can be used as the wine base for preparing low alcohol wine: it can also be mixed with wine below 50 degrees to make high alcohol above 50 degrees.
(3) Every 100 kg of grain is connected with 0.5 kg of wine head. The wine head and wine tail are mixed with two pots of wine and cheese for distillation, which can increase production and flavor.
(4) Commercial liquor treatment (high, medium and low alcohol liquor)
1. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, it is divided into three cylinders: high (above 50 degrees), medium (49 degrees to 30 degrees) and low (below 29 degrees), and all of them become aged wine through the aging machine.
2. If you want high alcohol, you can mix low alcohol wine with new fermented grains and steam again.
3. If you want medium wine, you can mix high wine and low alcohol wine in one jar. And all must go through the aging machine. 4. If you want low alcohol wine, you can only reduce the alcohol content, and then remove the water taste through the aging machine. Refer to the alcohol content conversion in Section 4 of this chapter.
matters needing attention:
The temperature of receiving wine should be 2030. Because the temperature is too high, most of the ingredients needed in the wine will be lost: the temperature is too low, and some harmful substances in the wine, such as hydrogen sulfide, cannot be separated and remain in the wine. The temperature of receiving wine can be controlled by the temperature of circulating water, which is controlled at 40C



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