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We often talk about "wine making", so what does large-scale wine making production equipment brew? Or what does wine make? Then let the automatic brewing equipment manufacturers start with the production of substances in Baijiu production.
There are mainly two ways to generate Baijiu Baijiu brewing equipment.
One: starch → sugar → ethanol (wine);
The two item: starch, protein, ester, etc. (raw material contained in the original) polysaccharide complex reaction - the trace components in liquor (usually referred to as flavor substances), in liquor content is only 1 - 2%, do not belittle this not worth mentioning trace components, but play a decisive role in the quality of the whole liquor.
One determines the output of liquor (liquor yield), and the two determines the flavor, quality, and typicality of liquor. These two paths are not isolated, they are closely related. After the starch is steamed (boiled) and gelatinized, it is hydrolyzed under the action of relevant enzymes or dilute acids to produce a series of products. First, dextrin is generated, and then maltose is used to obtain the product glucose.
Saccharification is the basic stage of brewing. Most brewing raw materials (rich in starch) need to be transformed into fermentable sugar through saccharification before brewing can continue. The brewing process is a "bilateral process", that is, saccharification and fermentation are carried out at the same time, and the reaction rate of saccharification and fermentation should be properly coordinated.



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