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What are the differences between wooden wine bottles and stainless steel barrels used for wine brewing? In addition, what role does it play in the process of wine brewing?
1. Use their own characteristics
What are the differences between wooden wine bottles and stainless steel barrels used for wine brewing?
There are great differences between them in air tightness and temperature control. White wine brewed only with fruit juice is usually brewed in stainless steel barrels in order to retain its aroma characteristics. Because the stainless steel barrel is easy to control the temperature, the stainless steel barrel is often used for red wine. If you want to give the unique wooden flavor to the wine, use the wooden bottle.
Either way, in order to make the fermented wine more mellow and mature, wooden wine bottles and stainless steel wine barrels are places for wine to relax.
2 new bottles and old bottles
A wine bottle that is used more than once is called an old bottle. Because the extraction of aroma components in wine bottles is less than that in new bottles, when it is not necessary to give wine bottle aroma or give it steady bottle aroma, use old bottles more. The aroma of the new bottle is easy to soak. When the quality of the wine itself is poor, it can only form a wine with the taste of wooden bottle. According to grape varieties and intended aroma characteristics, the proportion and bottle ripening time can be adjusted.
3. French oak bottle and American oak bottle
The raw material of the wine bottle is oak. The oak produced in France has fine wood grain, which can give the wine excellent vanilla flavor and increase its complexity.
On the other hand, American oak gives wine a sweet aroma like coconut and milk candy, and the aroma of vanilla is also strong.
4. Aroma characteristics of roasted
When brewing wine bottles, the inside of the wine bottles will be baked with fire. According to the degree of baking, the aroma characteristics of wine will change. The baking degree is divided into three stages: please, medium and heavy. Once roasted, the wine will have a coffee or smoked aroma.



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