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(1) Equipment cleaning
The new equipment should be cleaned before use, otherwise the first few pots of wine will have bitterness and evil smell. The cleaning parts include: the inner side of the cooking pot, the inner side of the pot cover with adjustable alcohol content, the inner side of the inner air duct and the inner tank of the cooler.
Cleaning method: first rinse with clean water, then brush with detergent, and then rinse with clean water again and again. Where the alcohol content can be adjusted, such as the inner tank of the pot, the inner side of the air duct and the inner tank of the cooler, it can be washed with clean water several times. The inner tank of the pot cover with adjustable alcohol content is repeatedly flushed several times from the upper and lower ends with a water pipe, and the inner tank of the cooler is extended to the inner tank with a water pipe to repeatedly flush each part.
设备每过半年,一年的时间,或停产一段时间再适用,都要按以上要求彻 底清洗一次,每次使用设备后,蒸煮锅内侧、酒度可调锅盖内侧都要清洗后使用。新设备是经过焊接后再加氧化膜保护层,并且内装催陈宝,先蒸两次清水来清洗。
The equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned once every half a year, a year, or after shutdown for a period of time. After each use of the equipment, the inner side of the cooking pot and the inner side of the wine adjustable pot cover shall be cleaned before use. The new equipment is welded and then added with oxide film protective layer. It is equipped with Chen Bao. It is cleaned by steaming water twice.
(2) Equipment installation
1. Cooking
Build a stove with heat-resistant bricks (such as earth fired bricks, not cement bricks) and sand. The inner diameter of the stove is about 5cm smaller than that of the equipment cooking pot. The height of the stove hall depends on the fuel. It is based on the principle of easy combustion, fast heating in the cooking pot, large heating surface and uniform heating. Otherwise, the distillation time will be prolonged. There should be two layers in the stove. The upper layer should be filled with fuel at the interval of stove bars, and the lower layer should be ventilated to prevent slag leakage. If coal is used as fuel, small blowers shall be equipped.
2. Installation
The cooking pot is placed on the stove, 3-6 cm into the stove, and the four sides of the pot are sealed with the stove. A distiller's grains discharge pipe is installed on the cooking pot, and a water valve (switch) is installed at the outer end of the pipe. The cooking pot must be placed flat, otherwise the water in the sink is different in depth and cannot play a sealing role. The cooking pot is placed with an adjustable wine degree pot cover, the pot cover is connected with an air duct, the other end of the air duct is connected with a cooler, under the cooler is a bearing (iron frame, brick pier, etc.), and under the wine outlet of the cooler is a bearing.
The cooler has three small pipes. After pouring water from above, the pipe with water flowing out is the wine outlet pipe; Of the other two pipes, the water inlet pipe is below and the water outlet pipe is above. Connect the water inlet pipe with the water pump with a soft cooked rubber pipe, cover the water pipe with another soft cooked rubber pipe, and extend the other end of the pipe to the drainage ditch (connect with the water inlet of the wine adjustable pot cover when it is necessary to adjust the wine degree).
The pot cover with adjustable alcohol content also has upper and lower openings. The lower opening is the water inlet and the upper opening is the water outlet. When adjusting the alcohol content, the water inlet opening is connected with the water outlet of the cooler. After the water outlet is sheathed with soft cooked rubber hose, the other end of the soft cooked rubber hose extends to the drainage ditch.



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