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The first thing to be concerned about the placement of brewing equipment is the spaciousness of the room, that is, it should be placed according to the total area of the room. If the machinery and equipment are placed well, the space can be used reasonably.
一、白酒酿酒设备要如何置放才能更加安 全呢?
First, how can the Baijiu brewing equipment be placed safely?
1. Place the machine and equipment stably. In order to avoid distortion and deformation of the door panel, persistently open the lock and hinge sensitively, and immediately level the air with hard paper or thin wood. Secondly, we should pay attention to the placement position. Do not close to the wall and wet place to avoid mildew and degumming of the board surface. Avoid direct sunlight, and avoid "log" shape, paint cracking, bubbling and fading.
2、有关重量很大的机器设备应置放在底端,防止因重 心不稳定产生倾翻。而且机器设备顶部不适合置放吊物,防止顶板下垂危害酿酒实际效果,机器设备内寄放的物品,不可跨越门的关掉部位,防止门面凸出变型;
2. Machines and equipment with large weight shall be placed at the bottom to prevent overturning due to unstable center of gravity. Moreover, the top of the machinery and equipment is not suitable for placing suspended objects to prevent the roof from sagging and endangering the actual effect of brewing. The objects placed in the machinery and equipment cannot cross the closed part of the door to prevent the door from protruding and deforming;
3. When moving machinery and equipment, move away from the machinery and equipment to deposit raw materials, and the doors and drawers shall be sealed tightly. Prevent furniture from skewing and components from sliding to death. And do not drag and push hard when moving to prevent the foot plate and tenon from loosening and cracking.
When placing the newly purchased brewing equipment, we must pay attention to the room ventilation and remove the harm of organic volatiles to the body. In addition, the organic volatiles in the machinery and equipment are different anytime and anywhere, and the evaporation speed of organic volatiles is different. In summer, the evaporation speed of organic volatiles is faster, so we should often ventilate at this time.



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