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Wine is playing an increasingly important role in people's life. People either use it to entertain guests and friends, or use it to comfort body and mind, or for other purposes. But since everyone likes wine so much, how much do you know about small brewing equipment? Now, let's meet the brewing equipment manufacturer.
When brewing with brewing equipment, the fire will boil. In order to ensure that the taste of the wine is not affected by substances with low boiling point, the temperature of raw materials should reach about 80 ℃, so that the wine will not have miscellaneous taste and the degree will not be too high. If we want to brew the wine we want, the fire power should be reduced after the wine is produced. Don't add fire all the time, otherwise the wine will taste worse.
After the wine is brewed, it should be cooled. Therefore, pay special attention to the fire. When the firepower is too large and the cooling rate is inconsistent with that of small brewing equipment, the wine will be hot and taste complex. It is not only bad to drink, but also the output will decrease. In addition, the heat will also affect the quality of the wine. Generally, the normal small-scale brewing equipment produces high alcohol wine first, and then low alcohol wine, and the alcohol level decreases slowly.
Wine has also become an indispensable product in life. In order to produce wine, brewing equipment is very important. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce cost, through continuous research, the traditional brewing process is designed into the equipment for brewing. However, there will be problems when using any equipment. If water leakage occurs during the use of brewing equipment, how should we solve it?
1、 The location of brewing equipment is affected by temperature. If it is lower than - 13.2 ℃, it cannot be repaired by tin welding. At this low temperature, tin will change into powdery gray tin in the metal lattice, resulting in solder joint leakage. When the temperature rises, water leakage occurs again.
2、 If the thicker brewing equipment has problems, it can be drilled and repaired with stainless steel screw; For very thin brewing equipment, it can only be repaired with waterproof glue so as not to damage the equipment. When cleaning the oil stain at the crack, polish the oxide film with emery cloth, scrape it with a screwdriver or saw blade, heat the aluminum parts with a blowtorch, control the temperature at 300 ℃ - 400 ℃, and wipe the welding rod at the crack. When the welding rod melts, use a screwdriver to rub the molten welding rod alloy at the crack, and then gradually thicken the welding layer.
3、 Many places need to pay attention to many details during repair. We must understand the characteristics of the equipment and master the details. If there is a problem with brewing equipment, we can have a fast and good solution.



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