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The production and processing of wood barrel, which is a necessary product for aging, is a mixture of dragon and snake, because customers' cognition of wood barrel is generally in a very vague state, which objectively shows the environment for the survival of fake and inferior wood barrel. As a well-known enterprise in China's wood barrel industry, we have the responsibility to show the necessary guidance to our customers. The barrel reminds the customers that they must identify the internal rules when buying the barrel.
1、 Inner barrel
Cask for many years committed to the production of no liner, pure baking cask. There is not much research on the inner decoration barrel. From the point of wine, the inner barrel can not be used for aging, basically no effect. As a general gift, it is possible to give wine to friends. After all, this kind of barrel looks better. It is suggested that the red wine should not be stored for too long after receiving the wooden barrel with inner liner, because the inner liner of the barrel is mostly aluminum foil packaging bags or packaging bags. The long-term contact of these compounds with the wine will affect the quality of the wine. It is suggested that customers should choose more stable tanks such as steel cans when purchasing, and the storage standard should not be long.
2、 Wood barrel filled with glue and wax
This kind of cask is unique to China, and is very common in China's cask market. No matter in the United States, France or the United States, it is impossible to apply glue and wax oil to wooden barrels. Wax dissolved in wine, will cause damage to the stomach, this kind of barrel is certainly not to buy.
Leakage is the key problem in barrel technology. Many businesses do not meet the standard technology, they will use wax filling method to plug the gap of the barrel. Although such a barrel does not leak, the wax oil on the barrel wall will affect the permeability of the barrel, and the most important thing is that it will affect physical and mental health.
Customers are advised to scald the barrel with boiling water when you buy it back, so as to check whether there is wax in the barrel. When the bucket is soaked with water, if the bucket has leakage, it can prove that the bucket has no chemical coating.



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