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The automatic stubble drying machine is equipped with several axial flow fans. Through the adjustment of air volume, the high-temperature stubble can be reduced to the specified temperature in the conveying process, and the effect of spreading and drying is good. In the spreading and drying process, multiple mixing devices are set to make the stubble loose and not easy to form lumps, and the amount of slurry, starter and stubble can be adjusted evenly.
The automatic stubble drying machine is a new type of wine making equipment, which is faster and more efficient. Pay attention to the steam valve above the boiler must be opened in the process of boiler burning, and each stubble cooler often consists of connecting device. The connecting device is located at the bottom of the cooling stubble machine, which can collect the overflow at the opening, so as to save raw materials and avoid consumption.
The full-automatic stubble drying machine can automatically discharge water, bend down, feed, mix evenly, disperse cold, the actual effect and idealization. Every automatic stubble drying machine is often composed of bending device, which is one of the key devices of automatic stubble drying machine.
The bending device is located at the bottom of the automatic stubble drying machine, which can collect the materials leaked from the blanking port, thus saving raw materials and preventing waste.
1. A connecting basket is arranged below the feeding opening of the starter adding barrel of the automatic stubble drying machine and above the transmission belt at the bottom of the automatic stubble drying machine;
2. The two sides of the connecting basket are respectively fixed on the bearing beam of the support frame of the automatic stubble drying machine;
3. The connecting basket is a folding mudguard protruding from one end;
4. An adjusting anchor bolt is arranged under the extended end of the folding fender to adjust the folding height width ratio of the connecting basket on the bearing beam;
5. The collecting structure of the leakage material in the feeding mouth of the bending material adding barrel is generated by the bending basket.
6. The automatic stubble drying machine can collect and use the leaked materials reasonably, thus saving raw materials.
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