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At present, automatic stubble cooling machine is widely used in the production of wine. In the whole operation, the stirring force of the automatic stubble drying machine is too large, which makes the grains be lifted well. Some grains even fall outside the field, causing the possibility of miscellaneous bacteria, which makes this operation waste raw materials. Secondly, the use of automatic stubble drying machine needs to work with electricity. If the wires move back and forth, it will bring great benefits to the production if they can not be handled properly. During the Baijiu making process, the equipment such as mixing and stubble is provided to reduce the waste of raw materials, production problems and labor waste caused by the use of stubble machines in the brewing process.
(1) Water should be used before grain when the stubble machine of pure grain wine making equipment is forced to soak grain. First put boiling water at about 90 ℃ (the ratio of grain to water is about 1:1)
(2) Automatic stubble cooling machine with grain mixing. The soaking temperature is 73-74 ℃, higher than 70 ℃.
Soaking time: 3-4 hours in winter and 1-1.5 hours in summer. The drying time from soaking in water to steamer should be reduced, and the standard time can be reduced to less than 10 hours. After soaking grain, let it drip dry, multi-functional stubble cooling machine, soak with cold water before steamer every other morning, remove acid water, drip dry and load steamer.
(3) The initial steaming time should be less than 50 minutes, and the initial steaming time should be 2-2.5 hours. The purpose of initial steaming is that the grain of rice has strong water absorption ability when it is heated, reducing cooking time and cassava starch outflow.
(4) The second mixing of the water content in the steamer: the second mixing from the steamer surface, the time is 6-10 minutes, the distillery uses the cooling stubble machine, not too slow, so that the steamer surface temperature after mixing water can reach 72-73 ℃, not more than 75 ℃, higher than 70 ℃, and the water flow should be 15-20 cm away from the water level which must be mixed in the second time;
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