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I believe that everyone is unfamiliar with the original ecological wine making equipment, because it is not common in our life. Compared with the solid wood wine barrel, I believe you are very clear. The solid wood wine barrel is an important tool for storing and transporting wine products, and it has a wide range of uses. Next, let's understand it together.
1. There are many shapes of solid wood casks. We can choose the right solid wood casks according to our own needs. For the round solid wood casks, the transporters have the advantage, because the full wine casks are very heavy, and it is relatively easy for the bulging wooden casks to roll on the ground.
2. Solid wood casks are easy to store, which can be placed in rows in the wine cellar. With the aging of wine, it can not only improve the taste of wine, but also ensure that it is not polluted by adverse microorganisms, so as to ensure the quality of wine.
3. The solid wood barrel can better melt the aroma of wood into the wine, and has an important impact on the wine structure. The yeast in the barrel changes the reaction between the wine and the solid wood, and plays a role in balancing fruit aroma and wood aroma. It can promote the precipitation of insoluble substances, make the wine soft and balanced, and enhance the wine color and stability.



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